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My name is Setney Blans, and I am an photographer from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I specialize in event photography on Electronic Dance Music festivals. Ever since I was young I have been listening to various kinds of electronic dance music. Whether it was trance, house or hardstyle music, I started visiting large dance events in The Netherlands such as Dance Valley, Sensation and Mysteryland. I decided to buy myself a professional mirrorless camera and practice photography more often. I discovered that I really liked capturing photo’s and I wanted to get better at it.

 That is when I applied to become a photographer. I visited many events  with my camera and got better at taking photo’s in dark clubs and venues. As my skills improved so did my camera gear, and what had started as a fun hobby quickly evolved into something bigger.In 2016 I started my own company setb-photo. I love being able to combine two passions of mine: Photography & Music.

Soon you will find a selection of the latest events I’ve photographed throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and other countries.

Setb party photography takes you to new places and different events, it is very exciting and every situation is different. You see a lot of interesting people within the Electronic Dance Music scene. The people are what make this type of photography most fun, the one thing that unites people from all over the world is music. Every party has its own unique vibe which can be captured.